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Our Story

Making Radiant Skin An Accessible Luxury

In Latin, VENIA means “indulgence,” and that’s exactly what our brand aims to offer you.

We believe that nourishing your skin is one of the most special and indulgent treats you can offer to yourself, especially if that treatment is combined with gold flakes!

Using dynamic formulas, including the beneficial properties of 24-carat gold and more natural ingredients and botanicals, we produce thoughtfully crafted goods to rejuvenate your skin.

The entire skincare line is manufactured in the UK with the finest ingredients, attention to detail, and superior quality standards, seeking to offer you flawless skin and a luxurious, revitalising experience.

Our goal is to make highly-effective products that will motivate men and women to take care of themselves and the environment.

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24 Carat Gold Flakes

We use 24 carat gold flakes for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

The gold also increases moisture and reduces dryness in the skin thus reducing the signs of ageing.

Gold stimulates the cells making the skin firm, giving you a more youthful appearance.

The use of pure gold encourages blood circulation, healthier skin cells and aids with clearing toxins from the skin.

Committed To An Ethical Business Operation

Despite our small size, we are a mighty business with a passionate personality and strong ethics.

We never cease to expand our knowledge on the field, evolving and improving our services and working hard to come up with formulations that will nurture your skin while respecting the environment and animal rights.

That is why we take great pride in creating vegan and soil association certified products that are free from animal testing and parabens!

Our mission is to use the power of 24-carat gold and enhance it with more natural elements, so we can ultimately bring to you skincare solutions that make a difference.

Our Products Are

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