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VENIA Cosmetic Ltd have partnered with Alzheimer's Society. 

This charity is UK's leading charity focusing on Alzheimer's.

Core of our business is "family". We lost a very dear family member in June 2020 who had dementia. He was a respected person within his community a loving husband, pillar to his children, best friend, a great exemplar to his grandchildren and tremendous story teller to his great grandchildren (mentor to four generations). He was wise and kind human being a peace  loving,  god fearing person who respected young and old equally, he will be dearly missed and may his name and memory live for eternal.


Alzheimer's Society holds a special place in our heart. We know the struggles of a family member diagnosed with dementia - it affects everyone involved. This charity does amazing work even though the current pandemic of coronavirus makes it harder to continue supporting people and families affected by Alzheimers.

To mark the occasion for World Alzheimer's Day (21st September 2020) we will be donating 5% of all our online sales.


Not only are you investing in your skin but also investing towards a worthy cause!

The charity helps everyone who is affected by dementia and there are many ways where you can get involved and show your support. 


Please visit

Registered charity: 296645

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